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Sexy Movies?
The movie Love (and Other Drugs) opened this week. I haven't seen it, and don't intend to. Nevertheless, the film has generated talk in the media about 'sexy' films of yesteryear, such as Last Tango in Paris and 9 1/2 Weeks. I gotta say, I wasn't impressed with either of these films.

Perhaps this is why I have always preferred television over film. To me, TV has always been a thousand times better at honoring the female gaze. And though I can see (sort of) the appeal of Marlon Brando, my favorite part of that movie is when he gets shot in the end. As for 9 1/2 Weeks, I found it mostly forgettable. I think I liked Mickey Rourke better in Diner, but that may be because in that film he was surrounded by better looking male actors like Tim Daly and Kevin Bacon.

I explore this concept further in a previous post, complete with hot visuals: Television: Spare the Smut, Spoil the Chauvinists.

In the film category, I thought Eyes Wide Shut was decent, despite a distinct lack of man-flesh. I still need to see Body Heat, which looks quite appealing. And, of course, there is Class, which I discuss in my last post.

What are your thoughts?


Before the Cougar, There Was CLASS!
Lately I have been taking a very enjoyable trip down memory lane by viewing some fabulous entertainment from the 1980s.


Class, a movie from 1983, is one of my all-time favorites. Funny and moving, the film features a plethora of sexy young actors who went on to achieve A-list status: Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy and John Cusack, all of whom are in this humorous scene.

The plot follows prep school boys Skip and Jonathan, played by Lowe and McCarthy respectively, as they become best friends amid dueling practical jokes. Skip is the kind of guy everyone loves: guys want to be his friend and women want to be his girlfriend. Jonathan starts out as a bit of a nerd, but quickly becomes the school hero after word gets out of his steamy affair with an older woman, played by Jacqueline Bisset.

Bisset is amazing. Her sizzling portrayal of a randy if slightly disturbed wealthy housewife harkens back to a time during which women over 35 could be sexy without botox or implants - when older women could pursue young men and not be branded a 'cougar.'

The plot takes some hysterical twists, which I won't reveal here. If you are in the mood for something sexy and funny, check it out.


Let's Party!!

Calling all sexy male performers!!

I want to put together a party, to take place in about three months, complete with male performers/entertainers. Anyone in the SF Bay Area should contact me with tips/suggestions. If you would like to attend such an event, please also contact me via email. My goal is to have a fun evening with great people.

It has been a busy few months without regular posts here, and I am grateful for the encouraging words I have been getting from many of you!

I am still keeping up with my email and Twitter accounts.
Hugs to all my readers!


Flappy Hands: Martin
Flappy Hands is normally a Friday tradition here at FanGirlSwoons, but everyday is a good one for posting pictures of delicious men!
Here we have Martin, who previously appeared in Naked Men, Happy Women, and
was kind enough to send me photos as well.


Martin is part of a Yahoo Group and may be reached

Meanwhile, so many good blogs have popped up that mine may no longer be needed! This is a welcome development, since free time for posting is still quite scarce for me.

I love the title of Pervy Girl, and the content is amazing.

Swoonworthy offers the celebrity hotness I always crave, coupled with witty commenta
ry on popular culture.

Naked Men, Happy Women
continues to offer great photos and juicy topics for discussion. You will notice I have been commenting there recently.

Arrow of Adonis keeps the man flesh coming, while Ms. Naughty offers great pictures and insightful posts.


Celebrating a Woman's Right to Man Flesh!
(Kerry Degman photo from

  (Parker Gregory photo from

This will likely be my last post in quite a while, and I am using it to celebrate a woman's right to man flesh! That is what this blog has been about all along...interrupting the endless naked-chick parade for a healthy dose of man candy to honor the female gaze!

Today's man flesh is brought to you by Kerry Degman and Parker Gregory, two supermodels who appeared together in Armani Exchange ads. As I have written before, sometimes ads are a pervy girls best friend!

Speaking of the female gaze, I ran across this excellent post discussing the concept. How great that the first of many comments to the post mentions Filament Magazine! I am confident that Filament's founder Suraya Sidhu Singh will be in history books!

Much as I love posting here, the size of my family is due to increase very soon. Free time will be very scarce.

Hugs to all my readers and followers. Thanks to Charlie Glickman for
his interview with me. Cheers to all of the online friends I have made! 


Flappy Hands Friday: Mr. Cocky

John Enos as Mr. Cocky in the Season 2 finale of Sex & the City!

John Enos photo found on KaraDunn, who now blogs at NinaPierce.

I just love big and tall men like Mr. Cocky!

Having craved pictures of men in all of their full-flesh glory this week, I am happy that the universe has conspired to bring me some fabulous NSFW man candy.

Rodrigo Guilherme from All Hot Men
Bill from The Erotic Woman Hot Cock Zone
Anonymous schlong from CandyRain
Photo from
Totally Awesome XXX Galleries from


Man Candy Monday: The Gods of Football

The Gods of Football for Man Candy Monday!

Hungry for more? NSFW!
Men of Monday from Hot Movies for Her
Naked Men, Happy Women
Arrow of Adonis

For SFW pics, check out:
Hotties from The Frisky
50 Sexiest Celebrity Men from Glamour UK


Don't Think, Just Perv
There are a lot of potential blogging topics floating around in my head...but, since my time is too limited these days to write witty posts, I'll have to stick with the motto "Don't think, just perv."

  This photo from Arrow of Adonis is one of the hottest I've ever seen! This guy just looks amazing to me! What's more, I have always loved the look of a man wearing fingerless gloves. Very sexy! I remember the same hot look in this photo from Erotica Cover Watch.     

I've also been thinking about bikers lately. Luckily, I've run into some great biker pics!

The second photo is from Cinderwench, another great Tumblr photo blog.


Flappy Hands Friday: Smutty Round-Up
(Photo from Favorite Hunks)   (Photo from Daily Cute Boy)

Smutty Round-Up - Lots of great links with hotness to be had!

That's it for me. I will be travelling for a few weeks, and most likely won't be able to post again until mid-August. Unless, that is, I find a good Internet Cafe! Then I can post some of the fun stuff that has been floating around in my head!


Flappy Hands Friday: Hunks of The Bachelorette
I never got into The Bachelor, but I love The Bachelorette.

After all - why watch one hot guy when you can watch 20 sexy men on the same screen at the same time?


Surely, the program is quite scripted, and the suitors in The Bachelorette are often portrayed as near-perfect knights in shining armor.

But, TV is my porn! Escapist fantasy is the reason I tune-in.


And what's not to love about the steamy foreplay in the recently aired "
Sex Episode?"

Can't wait for Monday when we get to see all the men dish on each other!



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