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Women who write about sex....
fangirlswoons is a tough job, but someone has to do it!

The fabulous Jessica Wakeman just wrote about many of the reasons so few women seem to write about sex. All true, and there are tons more.

I love the work of Zoe Margolis, a.k.a. Abby Lee, the Girl with the One Track Mind. She was trashed in the British press for daring to write about her libidinous musings, despite the fact that she never did anything illegal or immoral.

Or try Ms. Naughty, who has apparently been banned from Google because she prefers to be referred to by her moniker and not her real name. I totally share her pain about Google - their endless efforts to "out" anyone with a gmail account is one of the reasons I don't write here more.

I have heard from some gal porn bloggers that they often have to fend off unwanted online advances...

As for me, privacy is a big issue. The gremlins of the Internet are everywhere, and not just in the Orwellian sense. Marketers are always mining our emails and web surfing. I am fine with niche advertising. Nevertheless, Internet users quite reasonably post different content and comments in different settings.

On a positive note, I have never been harassed as a result of my blogging here. For now.

We'll just have to keep on rockin' on in what is left of the free world.

If you want to read some excellent sex bloggers, try the following:

Hooray for Sexy Men and Smutty Women! Let's Play...
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Ode to Filament - How I Will Miss Thee!
I was in disbelief when I heard the news that Filament magazine is ceasing with its 9th issue. I have been an enthusiastic subscriber since the mag's beginning, and I will miss it. The publication was revolutionary in so many ways. Showing men in various states of undress for a female audience was a pioneering endeavor itself, but there was so much more that made the magazine special.

Filament offered a real diversity of men: white, black, Asian, hairy, not-so-hairy, men in eyeliner, men with erections, men who only appeared topless and so on. Filament was explicit; its articles intelligent, its attitude resolute in honoring the female gaze.

I hope Founder Suraya Sindhu Singh will disclose facts and figures that may be helpful to others wishing to start such a publication. We already know about the lack of women who photograph men erotically, but I am curious about other elements:
  • What was the circulation of Filament, at the beginning and at the end?
  • How much did it cost to produce an issue? What was the cost of printing and distribution?
  • We know that distributors were reluctant about Filament - did they change their tune?
  • How close was Filament to turning a profit? How many subscriptions and ads would it take to put the magazine in the black?
You can see more about Filament on Twitter, Facebook and here on LiveJournal.
Of course, many of us are very sad about Filament's demise. I found some other blog coverage here and here.

Best wishes to Suraya! I think I'll be subscribing to Poolboy next!


How Georgous Is This?
Received this lovely photo from a man who says "I like to be naked and I a thrilled to be seen by women. I am a big fan of CFNM."


Supernatural is Back
Smile, the boys are back!

I am looking forward to another great season of my favorite show, Supernatural.

Let's celebrate with some of my favorite fan-made videos. There are a ton of these gems on YouTube...enough to brighten any fangirl's day!

This scene with Sam and Ruby is classic. I love the way she seduces him. Is it any wonder Jared and Gen got married?

I get so sentimental about these things. Sniff, sniff...
Who could forget the amazing bravery of Jo and Ellen from the episode "Abandon All Hope"? Embedding has been disabled for this video but here is the link.

All new season of Supernatural starts this Friday!


Pro-Penis Feminism
I would like to state, for the record, that I am unabashedly pro-penis. I think cocks are beautiful. As such, I am coining the phrase "pro-penis feminism" as a concept that goes beyond "sex-positive feminism." Being pro-penis shall embody sex-positivity with the added layer of believing that men's bodies are attractive, and that male heterosexuality should indeed be celebrated. Pro-penis feminism is the belief that:
  1. The male body is just as beautiful and sexy as the female body
  2. The male body should be displayed an object of beauty and/or lust just as frequently as the female body
  3. It should be recognized that male body can be appreciated by anyone, and not automatically labeled 'gay'
I'm very happy to see others, such as Kitty Stryker, take up the cause of female appreciation of the erotic male body.  This mission is certainly as important as ever, with so many people jumping on the "penises are ugly" bandwagon. I was disappointed to hear comedian Chelsea Handler, who has been one of my pervy straight girl touchstones, dissing penis sightings recently on her show. Sometimes Chelsea is dead-on, such as when she said "If you don't use a condom, you don't deserve to get laid" or the many funny anecdotes in her first best selling book My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands. How interesting that my other favorite pervy gals are Real Housewives stars Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi...who are always feuding with each other but always have one thing in common: lusting after hot guys. Of course, in extolling the joys of being intimate with men, I am glad that feminists before me have organized to celebrate enthusiastic consent and make it clear that yes means yes and no means no. This struggle continues, and "Slutwalk" protests are still being held around the world. Some gals are reluctant about the concept of Slutwalk, but these demonstrations are first and foremost about putting an end to victim-blaming. And, many attendees show up dressed in ways that could hardly be considered 'slutty'.

Random Good News
Lots of good stuff appearing lately that I wanted to share.

I love the Lilith Land blog. It includes great writing about female sexuality and a healthy dose of man-candy. I am glad she gives a nice shout-out to Arrow of Adonis, who still has an active tumblr at Pervy Girl.

I recently discovered PoolBoy, a great magazine and blog for us bad-ass straight gals.

Speaking of magazines, Candy Rain has finally printed issue two, according to a press release. Hopefully I'll get a chance to review it when it arrives.

The new web site for Filament is set to launch in a few days - oh yeah!

Bashing Dr. Drew in my last post, I am happy to report that there are some great male writers out there, including Hugo Schwyzer and of course Charlie Glickman. I had a chance to visit Good Vibrations recently, and it is still a wonderful store.

Last, but not least, I am happy to see Slutwalk in cities around the world. It is all about bringing an end to victim-blaming for sexual assault. Three cheers for all the women and men organizing and participating to make this world a better place.


Women, Sex and Dr. Drew
I've managed to steal away a few moments recently, late at night, to read a book: Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power & A World Without Rape. My favorite essay so far is called "An Immodest Proposal" by Heather Corinna, who discusses how female desire is often missing from the sexual narrative, especially in the context of first-time heterosexual partner sex.

This is an area where we barely seem to have moved forward at all. No surprise, given how our culture still re-enforces ridiculous attitudes about how women can enjoy (or not enjoy) sex.

One person who is to blame for this is Dr. Drew Pinsky. He is a perfect example of someone who should never, ever give sex advice. He is not mentioned in "Yes Means Yes," but I have always wondered why anyone listens to that guy. Sexist and unhelpful, I don't think Pinsky could heal a paper-cut or get-off a porn star. For evidence of his gender bias, look no further than When reviewers at that bastion of radical feminism are calling your book sexist, it is time for you to disappear.

One of the first things I remember Dr. Drew saying is that women need a "deep emotional connection" to have an orgasm. How right he was, because that is precisely the type of relationship we ladies have with our vibrators! It is a very deep emotional connection! God save the teenagers from that kind of stereotypical and damaging sentiment.

Much to my horror, Pinsky has only gotten more famous. Okay, so the dim-wits in Hollywood give the guy a platform. Everyone else should ignore him. I think he is the biggest reason why young people are not better educated about pleasure. So-called abstinence education is bad enough - Dr. Drew is just a pop-culture version of those same sex-negative ideas. For a "doctor," the guy has zero ethics. Medical professionals are sworn to 'do no harm.' Pinsky does plenty. And, yes, I even wrote the guy several years ago, respectfully asking him to address my concerns about his teachings. I received no response whatsoever.

Female desire is something I have been happy to celebrate on this blog. I often get too busy to write here, even as the thoughts and ideas race through my head frequently. I am ever grateful to have blogs like this that are always posting great content. We need voices like ours, and the great writers of "Yes Means Yes," to counter-act the Pinsky's of the world.


Loving Couples
How about some nice loving hetero couples for February!

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day, or, as Dean Winchester calls it, "Unattached Drifter Christmas!"

  (photo from ) (Pic from

(Pic from

Speaking of loving couples, I love "Chlollie" from Smallville! Check out these great pictures from Superherofan.

More from Smallville, here are some some sexy scenes with Tom Welling.


Chick-Smut Year in Review
(Photo from The Berry)

Dayum! We have reason to break out the bubbly, as 2010 was a great year for chick-smut! Yes, I am happy to report that our wish from a year ago was granted, and there are now some great web sites and magazines for us ladies to enjoy. For example, several months ago Hot Movies for Her began offering a Men of Monday blog feature. The men shown are often gay porn stars, but we love our gays. My interviews with gay bloggers last June mark some of my proudest moments at FanGirlSwoons. Additionally, we have confirmation that Filament magazine, which continues to grow in sales and distribution, can be found at Good Vibrations stores. What's more, the recently launched KONG magazine looks promising. And though we are still awaiting issue #2 of CandyRain, those gals appear to be having lots of fun partying with sexy men. It almost makes me wish I lived in Brooklyn so I could join in on the fun. In San Francisco, we are pleased to have Bawdy Storytelling.

Arrow of Adonis, Pervy Girl and Naked Men, Happy Women all continue to provide NSFW goodies on the regular. Ms. Naughty keeps up with her sexy and insightful blog, and also chronicled the positive developments in chick-smut in 2010. The waves made by Erotica Cover Watch continue to be felt as nods to the female gaze are growing. I loved reading the blog posts from Erika Lust and film reviewer Maryann Johanson. For written erotica, we have the fabulous Kristina Lloyd.

Bust magazine got on board with its Men We Love issue. The guys filling its pages are not who I would have chosen, but then, my favorite male celebrities read like a who's who of the sexy men of TheCW. And while Cosmopolitan US falls way short in the man candy department, its UK version makes us happy we have the Internet.

Abercrombie & Fitch provided us with supermodel hotness. For an all male revue, Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under continue to perform in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

The launch of Swoonworthy is a welcome addition to the web. The site pops with hotness from the worlds of pop culture, sports and music. So, let's all like Swoonworthy on Facebook and follow Swoonworthy on Twitter already. For more worksafe
hotness, The Berry's daily eye candy never fails to dazzle, and online magazine The Frisky also offers some good photos and commentary on the hot men of our time. And let's not forget Man Candy on Tumblr.

As for me, I always rely on my favorite standby for male hotness: television. TV is my porn. I believe it is a medium has had this female gaze thing down pat for as long as I can remember.


Some may have been puzzled earlier this year when I put on my Twitter that Don Draper, the lead character of the highly-rated show Mad Men, is a wuss. For months I had been planning a long post explaining my point of view of Draper and this ridiculously over-rated show. Yes, Jon Hamm, who expertly portrays Draper, is very hot. But, there are plenty of
other sexy men on TV who are more fun to watch. I prefer male characters who are younger, taller, buffer, and more heroic than Draper.

Case in point: Supernatural. The show's fandom is the best. They welcome newcomers like me with open arms, and together we have put the show on the cover of TV Guide. Not only was the show's main character, Dean Winchester, voted TV's best alpha male, he is even considered by some to be a feminist. Alpha males must be brave and take real risks while fighting to save people rather than harm them. That is precisely what Sam and Dean do, in stark contrast to the narcissistic misogynists on Mad Men. The Winchester Brothers are not only defiant in the face of death, but also defiant in the face of eternal damnation, something that would surely scare the smug swagger right out of Draper & Co. Suffice to say, I would like to see those corporate douchebag wussy boys on Mad Men survive Hell, as Dean and his brother Sam have.

When it comes to television programs, I prefer a narrative that can be summed up thusly: The world will be saved by young, buff studs. The Winchester Brothers are all about saving people.  What's more, the Winchesters have a way with seduction. The actors who play them, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, have become good friends while on the show. Did I mention that they are hot? Jared has the best body in Hollywood, hands down, and Jensen's face has been called the 8th Wonder of the World.

Elsewhere in TV land, Gossip Girl, which has at least four hot guys on it, has been off the hook this season. Katie Cassidy, formerly of two other shows on TheCW, has finally found her niche as Juliet. Chuck and Blair have such sizzling chemistry, and their relationship is the most delicious take on modern romance I have seen.

Also in the realm of sexy television, if you haven't been watching re-runs of The Dukes of Hazzard on CMT, you don't know what you are missing. Namely, a prominent display of family jewels on two of the sexiest men ever to grace the small screen. See a sample of Duke style hotness here.

As for my blog here at FanGirlSwoons, I really appreciate the support I have gotten from many of you to keep going. I intend to keep posting, but doubt I'll have time to post more than about once per month. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the rest of the great chick-smut on offer.

Happy New Year to all!



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